Much More Than Baseball

At Harris Ball Club, we are looking to bring development back to travel baseball. Our tiered system of development vs. exposure will cater to each player’s specific needs.

The players that need more physical/skill development will spend a larger portion of their time developing strength, sharpening their skills, and gaining general knowledge about the game.

Those that have more advanced skills and are more developed physically will get more exposure while also being part of a development plan. These skill levels will be determined using the latest technology and individualized data collections so your player is seeing the benefit of the work they put into their development.

Harris Ball Club Standards

Compete While Maintaining Sportsmanship

Winning isn’t everything, but it is incredibly important that our players learn how to

win. We will play hard while respecting the game.

The Importance of Little Things

While playing baseball, we will stress the importance of many overlooked aspects of

being a part of a healthy team/organization:

Showing up on time


Taking care of equipment

Taking care of the baseball field

Looking like a ball player

Acceptable and unacceptable behavior from players and parents

Developing a sense of urgency

Understanding team dynamics

Care factor

Off-field activities

Confidence and body language

Dealing with failure

Mental training

Provide Coaches Who Actually Know How To Develop Players 
Our coaches have been carefully chosen to teach your sons how to play the game
the right way and compete at a high level. Each coach has played at the NCAA level,
and some have had long professional careers. Our promise is that these coaches
will be committed to their team, be active in coaching, and have a personal relationship with each of their players. 

Stress the Importance of Commitment to the Team

If you commit to something, you stick with it. Players will be required to be at
mandatory practices and games. We want people that schedule their lives around
baseball season! We are committed to your sons, so please commit to us as well.

Service Opportunities

We believe in giving back to the game that has been so good to us. There will be at
least one service opportunity each year for the team to participate in. 

Commitment to the Team

We believe in teaching your sons how to be good teammates. Whether it be in a
family or part of an organization they will be a part of a team at some point.
Leadership and individual roles will be stressed, along with team-building activities. 

No “Hired Guns” for Tournaments

The team is the team for the entire summer. We will not bring in 3 studs from out
of town to play in place of current players. This is unfair to the parents and kids
who have sacrificed their time and money to be a part of their team. This is also
sending the wrong message about what is important about baseball. 

If we have too many players that are sick/injured to the point where we will not be able to play, we may have to find replacements for those spots, but only until the original players are able to play again.

No Daddy Ball

Dads will not be coaching the teams. Dads can be facilitators during practices but

will never make out lineups or create development plans.

Parental Code of Conduct 

Parents can make or break a travel ball experience. 
Just like the players, the parents will be held to certain expectations.